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shot peening glass beads Product Features:

1, both soft and hard - made of high-quality materials, that is, a certain degree of mechanical strength, sio2 content of 68% or more, hardness of up to 6-7 Mo, there are enough flexibility, can be used several times, , The same effect of the spray device, than ordinary glass beads life of more than 3 times longer.

2, uniformity is good - into a round rate greater than or equal to 80%, uniform size, spray after the sandblasting device throughout the brightness coefficient to maintain uniform, easy to leave the watermark.

3, irreplaceable - shot blasting glass beads as a grinding material than any other grinding material has the following advantages: In addition to metal grinding materials, than any other medium for a long time, with non-alkaline soda lime glass material, with Good chemical stability, will not pollute the processing of metal, can speed up the clean-up, while maintaining the original material processing accuracy

4, smooth and no impurities - the appearance of spherical particles, no impurities; smooth surface, with a good finish, to the international and domestic standards

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Our philosophy is to build growth on a foundation of high quality, excellent service, We product according the ISO quality standard. and in-depth application knowledge. Highly efficient logistics are central to the company’s culture, and Junda tight control of materials, from source to user, to ensure quality and consistency.

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